Standard Glove Box (SGB)


(Standard Glove Box)

This is a portable light-weight Bio Safety Glove Box that can be transported in a regular suitcase. It was developed for the use in the field in case of outbreaks of infectious diseases, or for the use in laboratories not suitable equipped for the work with highly infectious pathogens.


  1. Since both parts of the box are connected with 4 strong metal fasteners an accidental opening of the box is not possible

  2. Between the upper and lower part of the box a rubber sealing is placed, all other outlets are sealed by silicone.

  3. In the upper part of the box a lock system is integrated to allow the transfer of infectious material into or out of the box without opening it. This lock is autoclavable.

  4. The strong gloves allow safe handling of infectious material inside the closed box. They can be exchanged according to the size needed.

  5. All used materials can be cleaned with conventional disinfectants without injuring the surfaces. (Exception:Acetone)

  6. All parts of the box are autoclavable